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Self-Care in Times of Confinement

Spring is here, but during those challenging times, it feels like we’re still in the dead of winter. We’re all trying to process the myriad of information we receive daily while maintaining a sense of “normalcy” for ourselves and/or our loved ones. The confinement is impacting negatively our body and mind, as we're no longer able to move, get some fresh air and relieve stress the ways we're used to.

Our diet is also subject to changes since grocery shopping has become challenging and it's easy to give in to sugar and junk food as a coping mechanism against anxiety. In those unprecedented times, we are prone to neglecting our wellbeing, but this post is a tender reminder that you deserve to treat yourself with care and respect, regardless of the circumstances. These are our go-to tips.


Stay Sane

One of your main focuses should be to.prevent panic at any cost. Fear is a normal emotion and can act as a guide, but panic is crippling and nefarious, both to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Stress and anxiety induced by the pandemic take a toll on our mental and physical health, which is also reflected on the state of our skin.



Pandemic or not, simple measures such as washing hands regularly (with gentle soap) and avoiding touching the face go a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since disinfecting solutions require a significant amount of alcohol, the drying effect is inevitable. This leads us to products and tips on how to tackle irritation, dryness, and eczema related to the COVID-19 situation.


Rethink Your Approach to Wellness and Beauty

Remember life pre-pandemic? Pretty frantic we may say. The constant rush led us to plan, project, postpone, and yet preventing us from being present. Now is the time to listen to your inner voice and do things you've meant to do but always lacked time for, including self-care. The key is to be in tune with your emotions, your body and subsequently, your skin. It’s a time where sticking with your regular skincare routine may not be as fruitful anymore. Take it day by day.

Is your skin feeling more reactive than usual? Stay away from harsh stripping cleansers or artificial fragrances in formulas. PURE, our soothing milk cleanser and makeup remover will not disrupt the skin's natural balance thanks to its gentle and nourishing formula.

Is your skin dehydrated from staying in, or improper diet? Improve your water intake and opt for Hyaluronic acid serums. Hyaluronic acid is one of our specialties and you can read all about here about our signature hyaluronic acid blends.

Is your skin dry? ACQUA, our nourishing moisturizer is formulated to deliver moisture and maintain soft and smooth skin.

Is your skin irritated? Avoid products with alcohol, acid, sulfate, and chemical sunscreens. Our FUSION serum provides instant relief to stressed and sensitive skin.

Is your skin dull from the lack of fresh air and/indoor air quality? ÉCLAT and are the dream team to restore a bright and healthy complexion.

What is good for your face is also good for your hands. Our serums double as protecting and nourishing hand care products. We particularly recommend ACQUA and FUSION


Turn Your Home into a Sanctuary

Transform a simple mundane action such as masking into a wellness session. Create new rituals. Take those 10-15 minutes to unwind, relax, and give your mind a break. Our dual action is a powerhouse and multi-tasker. Indulge yourself with this professional-quality exfoliating mask for an at-home spa experience.


Nourish Your Beauty from Within

Stay hydrated. Drink water, herbal teas and just like with your skincare, try to turn this into a zen ritual. Try daily little breathing exercises, stretching movements. Dance, exercise or simply relax. Listen to your body and take it day by day.

Keep taking your daily vitamins (especially vitamin C and D) and try not to indulge in too many sugary or processed foods. Studies show that an unhealthy diet plays an impact not only on our immune system but also on our mental health. Pay attention to your gut (which is also heavily linked to the skin) and focus on what brings you joy, whether it is providing help for people in need, talking on the phone with a loved one, reading, or listening to music. Do more of what makes you happy.

COVID-19 is likely to accelerate the demand for more wellness-related products, including beauty products that are made mindfully for healthy skin. This is a good time to adopt organic and green products, that are void of problematic ingredients, including certain preservatives, phenoxyethanol, parabens, petrochemical derivatives. For a start, you can refer to the "dirty dozen" list from the David Suzuki Foundation.

We have taken care of our part. Recently featured by La Presse, ELLE Québec, and Huffington Post (Québec), FEY skincare products will address a wide range of skin-related concerns and boost skin's natural healing process.

Remember, this turmoil is temporary, do your best to dissolve anxiety and anger, enhance your mind, fuel your body and unleash your creativity. It will get better and we'll come out stronger and wiser with a renewed desire to live more mindfully and sustainably.