Anti-aging Ritual: Daytime

Cleanse & Tone

Daytime Anti-aging Ritual - Step 1
PURE Gentle Cleansing Milk
Cleanse your skin in the morning with PURE non-drying, alcohol-free/fragrance-free cleanser and rinse thoroughly with warm water. (Do not use hot water). You may follow with a non-astringent toner to rebalance your complexion and to prepare skin pores for one of FEY serums.


Daytime Anti-aging Ritual - Step 2
TONUS Firming Serum
Apply 1 or 2 squirts of TONUS while your face is still slightly wet to improve your facial contour and firmness.

Moisturize & Protect

Daytime Anti-aging Ritual - Step 3
PERLE Day Cream
After 2 minutes, apply PERLE day cream featuring a high level of antioxidants.


Your Make-up Set
Wait a few minutes to let the cream absorb and use your preferred light mineral makeup.