Discover X² - our enzyme-based dual action exfoliating mask & scrub


X² provides a deep and precise cleansing, which is gentle on sensitive, mature and dry skins.

X² evens out the skin tone, reduce scars and hyperpigmentation.

X² tightens skin pores and stimulates the growth and renewal of healthy skin cells.

X² reveals a fresh and luminous complexion at every use.

X² diminishes fine lines depth and skin imperfections.

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See what La Presse, Quebec's most popular newspaper, says about X²

"The Royal Mask" - this is exactly how La Presse, Quebec's most popular magazine, calls X² Dual-Action Enzyme Exfoliating Mask in its review of FEY Cosmetics skincare line. 

Iris Gagnon-Paradis who tested and reviewed our bestseller emphasized high product quality, brand's ecological responsibility, and great results. 

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With its cutting-edge formula, the X² Dual-Action Exfoliating Mask employs two exfoliation methods at the same time: a smooth mechanical treatment, which activates the microcirculation of the skin, as well as enzymatic exfoliation. This cutting-edge cumulative treatment makes the skin noticeably softer and brighter while remaining exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin making the entire formula perfectly suitable for easily irritated skin.

The enzymatic exfoliation is an advanced method that unlike typical chemical (e.g., Glycolic Acid-based) exfoliation acts in a significantly more delicate way. Natural enzymes are used to soften and cleanse the skin profoundly, unclog pores, and neutralize chemicals responsible for binding dead cells. Lastly, our enzymatic exfoliation facilitates deep penetration of other skincare products into the skin for quicker and better results. Papain enzyme sourced from Papaya contained in X² effectively accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells, which greatly improves the skin tone. At the same time, our mechanical exfoliation incorporates soluble extra-fine naturally sourced particles, which makes the mechanical action delicate yet effective.

Discover X² Dual-Action Exfoliating Mask


Because there is no good product without good ingredients, we seek to source the best organic and natural botanical extracts from all over the world.

Our concentrated formulas are free from alcohol, mineral oils, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances, parabens, glycols, silicone, and from many other petroleum-derived ingredients.

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Exfoliating, but better, faster and gentler
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5 minutes. That all  needs to boost your skin. Meet our long-term and sustainable solution to end dull and tired skin. X² is our new dual-action exfoliating mask skilfully combining mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation which remain gentle and non-aggressive.

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