FUSION Why It Works

Every ingredient has its specific function and has been carefully selected in combination with others that complement it to maximize its benefits. Firstly, our signature Hyaluronic Acid blend allows to deliver nutrients deep into the cutaneous tissue and reach various skin layers. Secondly, the regenerating properties of Tamanu and Grapefruit turn FUSION into a healing boost for troubled skin. Palmarosa acts as an agent curbing and relieving inflammation while algae supports collagen production. All in all, the fusion of these ingredients tackles multiple issues at once, enabling the skin to heal and appear overall visibly improved.

Advanced Delivery System
Our professional-grade serum contains two different types of hyaluronic acid that have different molecular weights and biological properties. This scientifically advanced approach makes our glycol-free formula safer, cleaner, and more efficient.
No Artificial Preservatives
We employ a unique all-natural multi-functional ingredient system for preservative-free and self-preserving skincare, which makes FEY Cosmetics formulas hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly, and suitable for all skin types.
FEY Signature HA Blend