TONUS How to Use

For your morning daily routine and whenever your skin needs freshness and firmness. TONUS should be applied to wet skin. (Make sure to use lukewarm water or tonic water spray.) Upon applying the serum, gently massage 1 to 2 squirts across freshly cleansed face, neck or décolleté area in circular movements for several minutes. Follow with light cream, depending on your skin type. Wait until the serum completely absorbs (5 to 10 minutes) before applying another skincare product or makeup.

Because we employ an all-natural self-preserving system, you may notice a temporary soaping and whitening effect, being the result of the emulsification process. It will disappear as you keep rubbing the serum into the skin. If you are about to use a day cream, a night cream, or any other cosmetic product, apply TONUS first. Refer to our skincare rituals for best practices.

FEY Skincare Rituals