Exfoliating Essentials 2

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Make sure your skin looks gorgeous with this set of innovative skincare products designed to exfoliate, brighten, and retexture your skin. The ideal dermal exfoliation begins and ends with thorough skin cleansing, which is exactly the reason why PURE Gentle Cleansing Milk and X² Dual-Action Exfoliating Mask make it an excellent skincare kit for a great cleansing routine. Cleanse your skin with PURE to prepare your skin pores for the dual exfoliation process. Once you're done exfoliating, use PURE again to remove the remaining residue from your skin. Completing your routine with FUSION, our regenerating ultra serum, will repair and retexture your skin and boost its vitamin level. Our exfoliating essentials skincare kit includes:

PURE Gentle Cleansing Milk (200 mL/6.7 fl. oz.)
Formulated with Baobab and Avocado extracts, PURE is an innovative 2-in-1 milky cleanser and makeup remover. PURE gently purifies the dermis without disrupting its natural moisture and leaving the skin balanced and silky soft. It does not contain mineral oils, so no oily residue! For all skin types. Ideal for sensitive and oily skin.

X² Dual-Action Exfoliating Mask (50 mL/1.7 fl. oz.)
This cutting-edge formula features a revolutionary dual-action exfoliation process. X² will remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores while making your skin softer and brighter. Ideal for oily, sensitive, and dry skin types.

FUSION Regenerating Ultra Serum (30 mL/1.0 fl. oz.)
This highly potent serum will soothe, repair, and re-texture the appearance of your skin. It naturally boosts the collagen level to strengthen and regenerate damaged skin cells.