Anti-Aging 3 Months Treatment

Regardless of the skin type, aging skin becomes thinner, rougher, and saggier. The lack of elasticity and increased skin fragility require extensive care. At FEY Cosmetics we have picked a comprehensive set of vegan and organic face care treatments that help to effectively delay and even revert these common signs of aging. Our 3-months anti-aging treatment set includes:

TONUS Firming Ultra Serum
Powerful face care formula fully loaded with amino acids to reinforce skin collagen resulting in improved skin elasticity.

ACQUA Hydrating Ultra Serum (Travel Size)
High-nutrient contents with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, make this unique formula the ultimate face care solution that greatly improves skin tone, smoothness, and elasticity. The product effectively aids in neutralizing sun damage, cold, stress, and other destructive factors.

FUSION Regenerating Ultra Serum (Travel Size)
This highly potent serum visibly reduces the appearance of stretch marks and age spots. It naturally boosts the collagen level to strengthen and regenerate aging skin cells.