Yuka's Green Label:  Find The Best Clean Skincare Products

Yuka's Green Label: Find The Best Clean Skincare Products

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In our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional clean skincare products, we take pride in the fact that all our skincare products have achieved an outstanding rating of 100/100 on Yuka, the renowned and unbiased platform that rates products based on their health impact. Yuka's mission is to foster intelligent consumerism by providing transparent information about products, thus enabling consumers to make well-informed, healthier choices.


Yuka Score and Its Relevance to Clean Skincare

In a market overflowing with choices, consumers are increasingly keen on understanding what ingredients go into their skincare products. However, decoding product labels can be complex, and, unassisted, consumers may overlook potential health hazards.

That's when the Yuka app steps in. This globally recognized application uses data science to evaluate and rate additives, allergens, and endocrine disruptors present in cosmetics and food products. Importantly, Yuka maintains an unbiased stance by preventing brands from influencing scores or any recommendations, making sure the information users receive is reliable and impartial.


Decoding Green Scoring: Your Clean Skincare Identifier

With the rise of clean beauty, the Yuka Score has become an effective tool to quickly identify whether a product fits clean beauty standards. Products that score 50 to 100 fall under the green category, implying they are of high quality and healthy for consumers.

Our products reaching a full 100 places them in Yuka's "excellent" category, further affirming that they contain no harmful ingredients—just the healthy, skin-loving elements you need. The score isn't just a number but an endorsement of our commitment to clean and sustainable skincare, which we believe is the future of beauty.


Understanding What Makes a Product Yuka Approved

Now you may be wondering, what does it mean for a product to be Yuka approved? Well, we're here to shed some light on this.

To make the cut and earn a passing grade on Yuka, a cosmetic product has to adhere to specific stringent criteria. It should be free of any ingredients that have a moderate to high health risk, or that could substantially impact the environment. This nods to the importance of not just personal health, but also environmental preservation, which are both critical to us at FEY Cosmetics.

The key is how Yuka sources its assessments. The application uses established scientific research and coordinates with various databases to ensure the information you receive is accurate, relevant, and unbiased. These include the European Union's CosIng catalog, scientific studies, the EWG's Skin Deep database, and reports from consumer and health organizations.

Typically, the best-rated products on Yuka are formulated with ingredients that pose little or no health risk and do not contain recognized allergens, ensuring that they suit most, if not all, skin types.

The cosmetics evaluation process is based on a meticulous assessment of each component present in a product's formula.

According to Yuka's methodology, each component is assessed on a risk scale based on its potential impact on our health or the environment, using current scientific knowledge.
This scale includes endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens, irritants and pollutants. The possible risks associated with each component are explained in the application, with a link to the corresponding scientific studies.

Components are divided into four risk levels:

  • harmless (green label)
  • low risk (yellow label)
  • moderate risk (orange label)
  • high-risk (red label)

Product rating is based on the hazard level of the riskiest component present in the product. For example, if a component is classified as "at risk" (red label), the product's overall rating will automatically be in the red (i.e. below 25 out of 100)

If the riskiest component is classified as a moderate risk (orange label), the product's overall score will be below 50 out of 100.

The presence of the other components in the product will then influence the final score, which will lie somewhere within the predetermined scale.


Perfect Score: A Testament to Our Principles

Achieving perfect scores on Yuka mirrors our steadfast adherence to product integrity. We handpick our ingredients for their beneficial properties, sustainable sourcing, and compatibility with a range of skin types. The perfect score is a validation of everything we stand for - a skincare routine that bolsters skin health while safeguarding the environment.

Further, Yuka's scoring system fosters transparency, allowing consumers to check information on a product ingredient, its origin, and its health impacts. And again, just as FEY Cosmetics believes — Yuka promotes a dialogue of education, ensuring no harmful substance sneaks into your skincare regimen.


Check out our products rated 100/100 by Yuka


Achieving a 100/100 rating on Yuka confirms our commitment to providing the finest skin care products, formulated with ingredients that respect the environment and your health.

We appreciate your continued trust and support, and pledge to continue offering skincare that respects both you and our planet.