What do we mean by Dry Skin Ritual?

In addition to genetic susceptibility and hormonal changes associated with the low amount of sebum produced in skin’s oil glands, skin dryness may be caused by various environmental stressors, allergic reactions, and certain lifestyle (e.g. hot shower). Dry skin (often accompanied by eczema and redness) requires special attention as well as special treatment. The insufficient amount of moisture in the epidermis may often cause flaking, tightness, irritation, itching, and premature wrinkles. Our top quality skincare ritual designed specifically for dry skin may help you effectively solve these unpleasant issues while keeping your skin perfectly hydrated, radiant, and fresh. Rather than purchasing individual items included in the dry skin ritual, you may pick one of the skincare ritual packages at a discounted price.




Value Treatment Packages for Dry Skin

At FEY Cosmetics we offer a number of skincare sets, which let you familiarize yourself with the products specifically recommended for dry skin, at a substantially discounted price.