Skincare Rituals


Everyone's skin is different which is the reason why it requires special treatment. At FEY Cosmetics we've designed a number of unique and highly effective skincare rituals for various skin types and concerns. Select the ritual that best fits your needs and experience the FEY difference.


Anti-Aging Skincare Ritual | FEY Cosmetics | Rituel de soin de la peau anti-âge

Anti-Aging Ritual

Signs of aging are inevitable, but a proper routine can go a long way in reducing their appearance and slowing their development. Discover our anti-aging ritual composed of natural products that are effective thanks to ingredients proven to counteract skin aging, such as hyaluronic acid, squalane, organic rose hip, sacha inchi and baobab oil.

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Best Dry Skin Beauty Ritual | FEY Cosmetics | Le meilleur rituel de beauté hydratant contre la peau sèche

Dry Skin Ritual

Dry skin can bring its own set of discomforts: irritation, tightness, redness, flaking, itching. Our dedicated skin care ritual deeply rehydrates dry skin and helps restore the skin's natural moisture barrier. A small routine adjustment that will make a big difference in the long run.

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FEY Cosmetics - Oily & Acne-prone Skin Ritual

Oily and Acne-prone Skin Ritual

There are many reasons for oily skin, such as hormonal changes, high humidity or poor diet. The right skincare routine will help you get rid of that unwanted shiny look by rehydrating the skin so that it regains balance.

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Best Sensitive Skin Beauty Ritual | FEY Cosmetics | Le meilleur rituel de beauté pour la peau sensible

Sensitive Skin Ritual

Tingling, tightness, redness, rosacea and various skin reactions; if you have sensitive skin, you already pay a lot of attention to your skin care routine. At FEY, we offer you an all-natural beauty routine without alcohol, glycols, parabens or any other skin-irritating ingredients.

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Best Combination Skin Beauty Ritual | FEY Cosmetics | Le meilleur rituel de beauté pour la peau mixte

Combination Skin Ritual

Both dry and oily depending on the area of the face, combination skin is very common. Despite our desire to eradicate the oily aspect of oily areas, one must avoid any aggressive product, because oily skin also needs hydration. Discover our skincare ritual that favors non-greasy, non-drying products. The ideal way to achieve a balance between the different areas of your face.

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