Affiliate Program


At FEY Cosmetics we are offering our branded referral program that is perfectly suitable for professional online marketers, bloggers, brand ambassadors, and social media users. Once you join this referral program, you will have access to your affiliate toolbox that includes referral links and banners. Every time someone clicks your link and makes a purchase on the FEY Cosmetics website, you receive a generous commission. If the same customer keeps purchasing (and we believe they will) you keep getting your commission for an extended period of time.

In addition to other marketing methods, feel free to publish our existing promo codes on coupon websites. (Please contact us for coupon codes.) If you need personalized coupon codes or custom-made banners that match your website, do let us know and we will be happy to assist you. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as you sign up. Our goal is to maximize your income with FEY Cosmetics. Join us today.