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Toners to Elevate Your Skincare Routine

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At FEY, we value high-quality and result-driven skincare powered by phytoextracts. Our products are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben- and glycol-free, gender-neutral. There's something for every skin type. We do not use any comprising ingredients and our entire line is free of artificial fragrances.

When we bring out a new addition to our range, it has to provide a genuine benefit and enhance the FEY skincare experience. Today, we're excited to introduce you to our latest creations: EAU VIVE, a trio of facial toners holding various properties.



Meet Our EAU VIVE Facial Toners: Gentle, Comforting, and Refreshing


Toners and Their Use in a Skincare Routine

There have been some debates surrounding the use of toners (aka toning waters), as they have been deemed frivolous, however, when formulated properly, toners can become a real asset to your skincare routine.

While cleansing can alter your skin’s pH levels, toners may restore the balance. Additionally, toners ensure that your skin is properly cleansed by removing the remaining debris. As a result, your skin is fully ready for serum and moisturizer for better absorption and maximized results.

At FEY, we wanted to incorporate extra benefits to toners by loading them with potent and nutrient-rich plant extracts, which are fair trade, organic, and effective.


The Different Roles of Our Toners

All of our toners are alcohol- and artificial fragrance-free to ensure that every skin type finds its proper match. Alcohol is known to dry out the skin and as an anti-bacterial, it removes all bacteria, including those who are essential to keeping a healthy skin biome. It also strips away essential fatty acids on the skin and overall disrupts its balance. Artificial fragrance is highly irritating, and not just to sensitive skin.

Our toners also share a rare and unique active ingredient: Agastache Mexicana (also known as Mexican Giant Hyssop) which is a medicinal plant sustainably sourced in Mexico. We aimed to bring toners that instantly provide relief, care and deliver added nutrients to the skin. Depending on the variant you choose, our EAU VIVE toner range purifies, soothes, and hydrates the skin.


EAU VIVE Gentle Toner

Specifically targeted for dry-to-sensitive, stressed and rosacea-prone skin.

Our gentle toner acts as a moisturizing and soothing agent, especially for dry-to-sensitive skin. We recommend it after using our PURE Gentle Cleansing Milk to maintain the skin balance when removing makeup and washing off any dirt and pollution from the day. EAU VIVE Gentle Toner tightens the pores, removes residual impurities, and respects the skinʼs pH level. It also works beautifully as an after-shave lotion since it will calm any redness or discomfort occurring post-shaving.

The star ingredients in our gentle toner are Agastache Mexicana and Sea Kelp extract. Agastache Mexicana is a powerful plant, used to reduce stress and shock.

In cosmetics, her anti-redness and relaxing agents make it a must-have in our formula. Rich in flavonoids, this plant alleviates inflammation and redness which are often occurring in stressed skin with a compromised skin barrier. Highly moisturizing, it contributes to helping repair the barrier function. It also has toning and skin-brightening properties to maintain or restore an even complexion.

Algae extracts are bursting with skin-loving vitamins B and E, and essential fatty acids which help nourish, strengthen, and hydrate skin. Sea Kelp is also rich in antioxidants, to combat free radicals and oxidative stress. Sea kelp extract is rich in iodine and minerals. Highly moisturizing, it slows down water loss.


EAU VIVE Comforting Toner

The do-it-all, a calming toner suitable to normal, oily, combination, and dry skin types.

It is primarily meant to hydrate and comfort. In your skincare routine, it will counteract any tightening or stripping effect linked to cleansing.

EAU VIVE Comforting Toner also works as an after-shave lotion.

As aforementioned, Agastache Mexicana is present in this formula too but we combined it with Cloudberry for a synergistic effect. Cloudberry (Arctic berries) is mainly found in Quebec, Siberia, Alaska, and the circumboreal regions of Scandinavia. Due to its ability to survive harsh climate conditions, it holds various benefits. Cloudberry extract is bursting with vitamins A and C, which are key for a vibrant, healthy skin.

The carotenoids in vitamin A can prevent premature aging and the antioxidants from vitamin C fight free radicals and boost skin radiance. Also high in phenols essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 which can strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Those essential fatty acids help the skin retain moisture which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and prevents a dull-looking complexion.


EAU VIVE Refreshing Toner

Specifically targeted at oily, combination, and normal skin. Its function is to purify and refresh the skin while keeping it hydrated. Can be used in the morning as a skin pick-me-up to revive the complexion and/or after cleansing to tighten the pores.

The result is a fresh, smooth, and glowing complexion. Acne-prone, oily skin will mostly benefit from toning in the morning as well to prevent clogged skin from night sweats. In addition to Agastache Mexicana which comprises oil-balancing properties, EAU VIVE Refreshing Toner is formulated with Lemon Verbena. Found in the South American region, Lemon Verbena possesses mild astringent qualities, ideal in combatting acne-causing bacteria. Some components of it also contribute to fighting inflammation, including reducing puffiness and swelling. An amazing bonus to Lemon Verbena is the anxiety-relieving properties associated with it; its lovely floral and citrus aroma instantly soothes the mind.


An Entirely Recyclable Packaging

In a conscious effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we have maintained the packaging to the strict minimum and opted for 100% recyclable plastic. To minimize waste, our toners come in spray bottles to spread evenly on the skin and for effortless, fool-proof application. Two sizes are available (200mL and 100mL).


We're thrilled to hear your thoughts on our EAU VIVE facial toners and see how you make use of them. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and tips on how to customize your FEY routine to your specific skin needs.