Natural Corn-made Propanediol

INCI: Propanediol

Naturally-Sourced/Derived Ingredient

Say hello to Propanediol, your ally against dehydrated skin.

As a potent humectant, Propanediol is not just a surface-level hero; it significantly boosts the absorption of other ingredients into your skin, working beyond the surface to provide deep skin hydration.

Inspired by the dew-kissed freshness of the mornings, Propanediol’s hydrating properties work their charm to leave your skin smooth with a dewy finish.

It steps in as a greener substitute for propylene glycol, derived naturally from sustainable and GMO-free corn, thereby embodying our commitment to eco-friendly skincare solutions.

But that's not all! Propanediol enhances the potency of naturally-sourced and organic preservatives. This means your skincare products not only last longer but remain effective, and all the while infusing hydration into your skin and hair.

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