The Modern Skincare Science

With the colder temperatures just around the corner, it is crucial to treat and nourish the skin to keep it in prime condition. Nobody enjoys the feeling of dry and cracked skin. This is where our latest skincare innovation, PERLE comes in.
Dry skin is a skin condition that is characterized by an insufficient amount of water in the topmost layer of the skin called epidermis. Our skin is made up of nearly 90% water which provides strength and elasticity...
Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts (obtained through distillation and other techniques). Each essence has a unique composition of chemicals which affects the smell, absorption, and reacts on the body differently.
The function of preservatives in skincare formulation is to prevent mould and avoid all kinds of bacteria to develop, especially in water-based products. Oils, for instance, do not require preservatives as microbes cannot grow in a water-free environment.